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Therapeutic Massage

A combination of therapies are used to promote relaxation and healing, personalized for your needs. The Ultimate custom massage experience using the finest 100% pure organic products, oils, and lotions.

30 minutes....$35.00
60 minutes....$60.00
90 minutes....$90.00

Amethyst Richway BioMat
Enjoy soothing infrared Ray heat.
Benefits include:
Reduces stress and fatique
Improves sleep
Relaxation of muscles
Increased circulation
Reduced Inflammation
Temporary relief of:
Minor muscle pain and stiffness
Joint pain associated with arthritis
Muscle spasms and strains

30 minutes....$30.00
4-30 minute treatments....$100.00

Hot Stone Therapy

This deep heat massage is very relaxing and soothing for the body and mind. Smooth basalt stones, are oiled and heated, and used to massage the entire body, promoting deep relaxation of the muscles and tissues.

90 minute....$125.00

Massage Cupping
This healing ancient technique uses massage cups, creating suction and negative pressure. Cupping bodywork is used to drain excess fluids and toxins, loosen adhesion's, lift connective tissue, and bring blood flow to stagnant muscles
and skin.

60 minutes...$60.00

Cellulite Cupping
This treatment provides drainage, stimulates circulation, breaks down cellulite,and loosen adhesion's or "dimpling" allowing increased local blood supply to the skin bringing nourishment and allowing toxins to be carried away via the veins thus leaving the skin with a smoother appearance. Essential Oils are then applied to the cupped area to assist with breakdown of cellulite.

5 Treatments...$175.00

Raindrop Therapy
This healing experience uses a sequence of 9 Aroma-Therapeutic grade essential oils which are dispensed like raindrops along the spine and are also used on the shoulders, and feet, using Vitaflex a form of reflexology, allowing the oils to pass through the skin and into the bloodstream and diffuse throughout the tissues. Raindrop Therapy is designed to stimulate every organ, muscle, and bone of the body at a cellular level, boost the immune system, bring balance and harmony to the body-physically, mentally, and emotionally, and enables the release of toxins or disease wherever they may be lodged. The therapeutic grade essential oil's work continuously for approximately 3 days.

60 minute....$70.00

Reflexology is the practice of applying pressure to particular reflex point's that are associated with specific body parts and organs. This treatment can help remedy problems by reducing stress, improving blood circulation, stimulating nerve function, improving the immune system, and increasing the level of energy.

30 minutes...$35.00
60 minutes...$60.00

Anti-Aging Facials
A holistic way to increase vital blood flow to the skin in your face, release toxins that break down tissue, and relax muscles while rejuvenating the top layers of the skin bringing health and youth back into the face.

60 minutes....$70.00

Foot Detox
The Ion detox foot spa pulls toxins out of your system and restores optimal health and well being. Ionic stimulation is a highly effective way to activate the healing potential through energy meridians. Balance, Purify, and Boost Immunity with this relaxing 30 minute session.

30 minutes....$30.00

Ear Candling
This is an Ancient holistic cleansing method using long hollowed muslin cloth ear candles to extract ear wax and debris from the ears, help with colds and allergies, and improves mental clarity, and balances fluids that may cause headaches.

60 minutes....$60.00

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